Richardson Racing Stables

Horse riding  - Matamata accommodation - Tower Road Motel

As you drive through the entrance gates to the Matamata Racing Club you can’t help but notice the Richardson Racing Stables tidy and modern barn.

The 30 horse barn is light and airy and is a perfect environment for both horse and human. Each horse is happy and relaxed in their training habitat. There is a horse walker adjacent to the barn and hosing bays and tie-up stalls inside for staff to tend to each horses individual needs.

Graham (Richie) has always had a love of horses, even as a young boy, he knew what he was destined to do, and over the last 20 years, he has trained over 600+ winners in New Zealand and  Australia.

Richie and Rochelle welcome new people to racing and invite you to join Richardson Racing for the ultimate racing experience. We believe communication is paramount and that’s why we have implemented new initiatives to ensure our owners are always well informed wherever they are.

Our owners enjoy weekly emails, calls, photos and track videos of their horses, a regularly updated Richardson Racing Facebook page, an up to date stable website, race day outings and annual events including the Richardson Racing Owners Day function.

We look forward to enjoying the thrill of racing with you, we are what racing is about!

Richardson Racing Stables  - Matamata accommodation - Tower Road Motel

We can organise you a tour of the Richardson Racing Stables prior to your arrival. Get in contact with us to discuss.
Horse looking out of stall  - Matamata accommodation - Tower Road Motel

Horses in stalls  - Matamata accommodation - Tower Road Motel

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